Google Digital Garage

I recently went to the Google Digital Garage talks at the Central Library. The experience were extremely helpful to me and helped me realise how to promote and gain new customers for my business.

So what is the Digital Garage? Basically it is a place where anyone can come to give themselves a digital tune-up — to pick up the skills they need to make the most of the web, and grow their business or career.

The pop-up is part of a multi-million pound investment, that employ four experts who will provide one-to-one mentoring support six days a week, and a trainer delivering digital masterclasses.

Google invited local businesses, start-ups, and anyone interested in the digital industry to pop in and learn skills needed to grow their business or career.

Some of the areas that makes a successful website

  • Identify a Website’s purpose
  • Simple consent
  • Strong calls to action = Buy now
  • Clear navigation
  • Eye catching logo
  • Balance between text and graphics
  • Clear and relevant photos
  • Always include a phone number

Other than that, we were taught the importance of your website being responsive, since 60% off all uk sales are made on either the phone or tablet.

Second class was about promoting your business with the help of Google adwords and analytics. Our tutor “Mike” gave us a deep explanation about how Google works with businesses to enhance their services and products.

How does adwords work?

  • Organic Search; non paid listings, so you could be nr. 1 on the top of google, when searching for example: Organic Cheese.
  • Paid Search; paid listings that you pay daily, weekly or monthly to be on the “vip” list.
  • Display ads; are those little ads you see on the right side, when you do a Google search. So let’s say you google pizza manchester, then Google will give you a list full of websites, but on the right side you’ll see a small advert for Dominos or Papa Johns. These small ads are paid for and are normally part of a campaign.
  • Email; This is so IMPORTANT! If you as a business want to be taken serious, then you need your own email, not a @hotmail, not a gmail, but an actual email with your business name like
  • Social; In this day and age, a business have to take advantage of the different social media platforms out there. Most small business got both facebook and twitter, but I think they should begin focusing on others like Snapchat and Instagram, which is aimed at a younger user base.

The steps to success

Track your process — Define Goals — Measure your success — Improve Usability

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Nico Hald