How to make Apple’s website

With Apple’s recent launch of the new Iphone 7, we thought: what better way to write about how to make a website like Apple’s?

Apple’s website is not significantly different to most other well-designed websites. Most good websites are built with the same skills and similar tools.

In order to build a website like this you will need to obtain an in-depth understanding of the following skills:

This is the core of all websites. Each element on the website contains some form of HTML. Here is a HTML Tutorial.

This is how you make the elements on your page look nice. Here is a CSS Tutorial.

This is a very powerful language which is used on most sites, including Apple’s. It can perform a lot of tasks including loading dynamic content, hiding elements, displaying elements, making things animated etc. Here is a jQuery Tutorial.

Visual Design
To build a well-designed site, it’s important to understand visual design. This includes basic design principles like alignment, balance, color theory, contrast etc. and also things like grid systems, typography, drop shadows, transparency etc. The best way to start learning design is to download a free trial of Illustrator and working your way through some tutorials on Google.

Development Platform
If the site is going to have dynamic content, user-submitted content or you want to be able to update content, you will need to learn either Wordpress or a programming language and framework like Ruby on Rails.

Of course, everything I’ve mentioned so far will work for a site with modest traffic. Apple have lots of traffic so they have further issues like maintaining servers, advanced coding like caching etc. in order to help pages load faster etc.

Web design can be daunting at first, maybe for the first 4–6 months even. But once you get over the hump, it can be very enjoyable and satisfying.

A useful tip for learning web design and development is to sign up for TeamTreehouse. Here you can follow live briefs, watch tutorials and take test about everything related to coding, design and business.

We at Andaluz Media can help you create a stunning ecommerce site like Apple’s, using various platforms such as Shopify or Wordpress (integrated with Woocommerce). If you’re looking forward to start up your own online shop don’t hesitate to contact us.

Nico Hald