Clubby Mobile application

Saving money on alcohol and finding the perfect venue is fun and dead easy with the new Clubby app.

Clubby's goal is to become the leading platform for Alcoholic drinking deals and business-to-client marketing to club goers in the U.K. More than 5 million people can be found out partying in various venues every week in the U.K. By using Clubby's website and app, young adults and students can prepay for cheaper, better and faster drinks inside nightclub venues. In close collaboration with the Clubby team, we designed and developed a powerful app that allows members to create, find or even track available deals from specific areas in the United Kingdom.

Rating venues and sharing deals makes it easier and more fun to find the right place or drink for you. Besides that the app is making it much easier to find awesome night clubs, pubs or bars in your area if you're not a local.

There's a build in instant message function that allows you to book tables, arrange alcohol and more, directly from the venue's profile. The App makes planning your night out fast and effortless, while a variety of venue preferences enables users to browse for deals and services that fits the needs of each user. The goal is to have 10.000 loyal customers on their iPhone or Android device, buying alcoholic drinks directly from the app, which ensures that you'll never miss a good deal out again. All this, while saving money and guiding you the right places.



Clubby (Fictive Brief)

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Check out our Demo of the application below