Topdeck Travel campaign

How to promote a different way of travelling to a younger audience, that might not be traditional.

Topdeck was in need of a new way to communicate with a younger audience. The company had relied on travel brochures as their core method of advertising trips, which was a effective for people who already about knew the company. But to gain the attention of younger generation, we suggested them to embrace the popular Social Media Platform, Snapchat. 

The goal was to position Topdeck as one of the first UK Travel Companies using Snapchat, which would help give the brand a distinctive identity. By using the app, Topdeck could promote their brand, without breaking the bank by using clients already travelling with them. 

By using this model, Topdeck would give the travellers a chance to share their experience with the world, in exchange for discounts and free gifts. The travellers would be giving the login details for Topdeck's Snapchat and could now film a first person view of how it feels to travel around the globe with Topdeck. This would not only helped the brand to reach out to a younger audience, but also give an insight look of a traveller's day to day with the Agency.

By using Snapchat as their campaign platform, it would give the users an actual reason to interact with the brand on a more personal level, which is a win win for both parties.


Topdeck Travel
(Student Brief)

• Design
• Advertising
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