Rosenborg Bk Rebranding

We thought that Rosenborg was in need of a rebranding for their upcoming 100 year anniversary.

Rosenborg Ballklub ( RBK for short ) is a Norwegian professional football club from Trondheim that plays in Tippeligaen. Rosenborg is Norway's most successful team, having won 22 league titles, nine Norwegian Football Cup titles and played more UEFA matches than any other Norwegian team. RBK play their home games at the all-seater Lerkendal Stadion which has a capacity of 21,166
The Goal for this rebranding was to give a classy and fresh look to the brand keeping in mind the historic impact of the club. 

The Nidaros cathedral is the pride of the city of Trondheim, the supporters of Rosenborg identify themselves with this beautiful monument. Even the name of the official supporters group of the club is  “ ULTRAS NIDAROS ”. This cathedral is really historic just as the RBK which is a centenary club now. 

All the apparel has been made by a company who creates the embroidery for profesional soccer teams such as R.S.C. Anderlecht.

The shirts were directly ordered from the Adidas factory in order to get the most recent designs. The labels, the gift box, the tickets and shopping bags have been done by hand with a precise gold screen-printing process.

For the photo shooting of the final product we decided to make it look very dark with a black background even if the shirt is black

the gold shines more and it is very similar to the way adidas presents it's products.


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