alcoholic frozen cocktail popsicles

On a scorching summer day in Southern Spain , Vincent Carrie were debating with friends about getting a cocktail or popsicle. Why not combine both products he thought and suddenly Tipsy Penguin was made into a reality.


We decided to create the packaging for the Tipsy Penguin, for the 4 flavours. Cosmopolitan, Mojito, Champagne and Gin & Tonic. This was the case with Wyre (at the time, Snapcard).


We were asked to rebrand this San Francisco-based fintech startup to craft public perception of the company. Snapcard had previously pivoted several times before finding a hit product and experiencing massive growth in this product line.

Ramotion is a digital stylist.

To sew a perfect “branding suit,” we need to measure the client first, to know more about his tastes and lifestyle. During the working process, we perform regular fitting with the client because he is the only person who can feel whether a new suit fits or not.


Fortunately, the Wyre team was fully involved in the working process, shared their thoughts and expectations, yet allowing us the freedom to design efficiently. They trusted our design specialists, and that makes us even more motivated to deliver the best results we can.

We had a goal of a full rebrand top to bottom, and we went to Ramotion for it. Their taste was perfect, and we’ve now got one of the most well respected brands in the space. Couldn’t be happier! Thanks team.
— Michael Dunworth, CEO of Wyre

Brand legacy

To maintain uniqueness, the brand needs to maintain consistency with its history.
We decided to keep Snapcard’s card metaphor. However, we added new dynamic and hidden metaphors as lightning and layers. After a couple of experiments, we found the best shape and colors. The logo appeared friendly and unique, yet trustworthy.


Consistency is king

The culmination of our work is when our clients are able to use the design guidelines from our brandbook and apply them successfully to their products. The best reward for us was receiving stickers, pens, backpacks and other stuff from the Wyre team and finding consistent use of brand elements in their web design.



As a result, Wyre became one of the most trustworthy brands on the market.